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“You think you must fit the role others have laid out for you. That is the lie you need to conquer.”

– Levee, The Royal Rogue

A tale of forbidden romance, adventure, and unprecedented betrayal awaits you in The Royal Rogue. Let your heart pound to the rhythm of clashing swords and thundering hooves in this adrenaline fueled adventure.

Set within the fabled city of Nevaharday, the story begins with Jaycent Connor, a reluctant prince who refuses to assume his father’s title after a mysterious illness took his parents lives. The lords of the land couldn’t sway the prince to ascend the throne and assume his rightful place as ruler. The harder they tried, the farther the prince seemed to drift into a realm of apathy and solitude.

Then the nightmares began. Terrible, brutal dreams that crossed the threshold into reality as the prince found himself waking up to the wounds he had sustained in his sleep. Rest became impossible as the life of Nevaharday’s only heir teetered in the balance. Healers were baffled, their remedies useless. So Prince Connor took matters into his own hands. He sought the help of an outlawed band of horse folk known as “the gypsies.” Particularly, a green eyed beauty named Levee Tensley.

Together they unravel the truth. The prince was never ill. Neither were his parents. It all led back the magic and lies of an illusionist bent on seizing his kingdom and extinguishing the Connor line. However, the more they uncover, the more they wonder: can they stop him? Or are their efforts too little, too late?

Whether you’re a fantasy connoisseur, horse lover, or casual reader, Carlton’s debut novel will have you enchanted from the first paragraph to the very last page. Her race of “horse folk” are original, charming, and so believable, they will pull you right into the story.

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a great story!

There are some books that you just hate to see end for the love of the story and its characters. This was one of them. Jaycent is an enigma, stubborn, arrogant, determined and faithful to his people. He grows and changes throughout this book and I hated leaving him and his companions at the end. The good news though is that this book is just the beginning of a series. I can’t wait for the next one!

– bevels

A breath of fresh air

This novel is one any type of reader can pick up. With strength, weakness, turmoil, and success this novel brings elements of fantasy, love, adventure, and magic into very real world problems of the past, present and future. Her characters are extremely relatable, and those that aren’t for you have a way of weaving themselves into your hearts. Princes, Gypsies, and the authors love of horses shine through like blood written into the paper with pen. You wont want to miss this one! There are no cliche’s in this book, and a race of it’s own makes it’s debut with Liz Carlton!

– Sherri Williams

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